Collaborate With Todo Cloud

Collaborate With Todo SharingWe know that collaboration is king, so we’ve made it simple to share lists with your colleagues. Since sharing lists requires Todo Cloud, it’s also much easier for people to sign up for the service. Right from List Info, just add people you’d like to work with.


To make it clear from the outset, we changed the look of the main lists view so you know which lists are shared and which lists are private. Shared lists have a little cloud on the right, and private lists still have the info icon (i).


Todo Sharing List Screen




To make inviting someone easy, the sharing screen has three sections:

– Name Field–a field for typing in a person’s name,

– Current Todo Collaborators–a section of current people you share with in Todo Cloud,

– Address Book —a list of the people in your address book







Collaborate With Todo Invitation

It’s easy to see who is sharing the list, and just as easy to invite new people:


If you invite someone that’s not in Todo Cloud, they’ll get an invitation to your list, with instructions on how to sign up.

Team members can assign tasks in a shared lists to each other, or take a task for themselves. Users can also post comments on tasks, which keeps everyone on the team in the loop.

From List Info, it’s also easy to set what email notifications you’d like to see as people work on tasks in a shared list.


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