When we went back to update Notebook, before writing or designing any part of it, we decided to define a mantra for Notebook. I have a saying written on my wall that says “Keep the main thing the main thing”. Notebook’s mantra is “Simple Notes. Anywhere.” There were two major decisions we had to make in order to support that mantra.

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Appigo Notebook 2 Now in Active Development


Appigo Notebook 2 in Active Development
“Will you have an update out soon?”

“Do you plan to update Notebook for iOS 4?”

“Any plans to support iPad?”

Answer: Yes, yes, and YES!

Notebook 2 is finally under very active development at Appigo.  For the past few weeks, while some of us were working on Todo and Corkulous, the other part the team started putting together a Notebook update. It’s looking great and we’re now in the final phases of development and can’t wait to get it in your hands.

I can’t give away many details, but to only answer a few questions right now …

What is Notebook’s primary focus? The primary goal of Notebook is to provide fast and easy access to notes. A very close second is to make the access to notes available everywhere. What Notebook will NOT be: a complex text editor, complete with layout and text formatting (this is already implemented well in

Will Notebook 2 be a universal app? YES

When will Notebook 2 be available? Assuming everything looks good, all of our internal tests succeed, and Apple’s App Review team is gracious, we hope to have it released on the App Store by Christmas of this year.

What has been the biggest challenge in creating the Notebook 2 update? This year was dominated mostly by a push to bring Todo to the Mac Desktop, which took a bit longer than we had hoped. We then focused on adding Dropbox and iCloud support into Todo and Corkulous due to the number of customers that had purchased those apps. With those app updates under our belt, we feel that the Notebook update will be even better than it ever would have been.

If you’ve got what it takes to help us make Notebook 2 rock solid, we’re accepting more applicants into our beta program: