A Big Todo Update to Help You Even More!

You work hard, and with Todo, you work smart as well. We’ve been working pretty hard ourselves, to make Todo even better for you. With the latest version, you’ll find some great new features to make it easier than ever to be productive.

Todo 8 Update

Easier to Work with Lists

New Todo List ScreenThe Lists screen looks better and works better. We made it easier to see how to create a new list — just take a look at the lower-left of the screen. If you get invited to a list, you’ll see that invitation right on the list screen: the invitation will show up on the top-left. We also made it clearer which lists are private, and which ones are shared.

 List Information and Collaboration

We’ve added a new List Information screen to make it easier to work with built-in and custom task lists. From a single screen you can change your list name, color, and icon so that it’s easy to recognize the list you need right away. Just tap in the info icon (i) on the right, and the screen comes up. It’s much easier to share lists as well, and sharing is integrated into the List Information screen.

Todo List Information Screen

 Importing Tasks from Todo 6

If you’re already using Todo 8, this won’t matter to you. If you’re still using Todo 6, and might be ready to move to the latest and greatest, we’ve made it easy for you to make the transition. When you get Todo 8, it will ask you if you’d like to import your tasks. Tap the button, and your tasks are now ready to use with Todo 8. It’s that easy!

Improved Sharing Extension

New Safari Extension FeatureWe added the Sharing Extension last year, but we just made it better. If you’re browsing a Web page with Safari, and would like to save it to read later, or share it with a colleague, just tap the share button, select Todo, and share it. Now you can choose what list you’d like to add the item to, and add some notes as well.



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