A Checklist App Can Help You Be a Better Role Model

Whether you are a parent raising children or a supervisor or manager leading employees, you are a role model. You don’t have to ask them to. You can even tell them not to. But they are watching, and you are setting the tone and modeling the behavior that will or will not be acceptable within your domain. It’s just part of being a leader. Yet even the best leaders sometimes need someone or something to help keep them on track! Todo is great at helping you manage your time so you can be a better role model for those who are looking to you for guidance and direction regarding acceptable behavior.

Are You Modeling Good Organizational Skills?

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Organized people get more done in less time. That is equally true around the house and at your workplace.

Well organized people waste less time because they don’t have to spend so much time looking for things they misplaced. If someone else has to do something for them, it’s quick and easy for them to find what needs to be handled and get it done. Disorganized people simply look and act like they are lost most of the time.


A disorganized person doesn’t tend to command the respect that an organized person does, because no matter how competent they are, they always look incompetent due to their mess and disorganization. Adding a few key tasks each day with alerts to Todo keeps you organized and your mind free to focus on the project at hand.  Todo is great at managing tasks for your time and your home and your work and your life so you can be a rockstar among to your peers. Your kids and subordinates will naturally respect your organizational skills and your ability to always be on top of it all.

Are You Modeling Punctuality?

The saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’ isn’t just a cute old wives’ tale. It has a lot of factuality in it. Those who are timely at school get better grades. Those who are early for job interviews are more likely to get the position. Those who are early to meetings are more likely to be trusted with bigger and better projects and assignments. Are you setting the bar high for punctuality by showing up early yourself and demanding timeliness from your children and subordinates? Todo can keep you on track by sending you reminders at intervals before you have a commitment. That way you can wrap things up, get ready, make the commute, and still arrive at your destination punctually.

Are You Modeling a Commitment to Doing What You Said You Would Do?

When you say you’re going to do something, are you as good as your word? This is becoming a rare trait. Parents too often promise kids they’ll be at the school play, but fail to show up. Bosses promise they’ll drop by the employee luncheon, but don’t ever make it. This doesn’t just send the message that it’s okay not to do what you say you’re going to do. It literally shows your kids and subordinates that they are not a priority to you! Todo can help you track and fulfill the things you obligate yourself to do for others. That means you’re a man/woman of your word and can demand the same from the people you lead.

Are You Modeling the Importance of Meeting Your Obligations?

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Do you try to get out of things you know you’re obligated to do? The Todo app can keep you on track so that you can model for others what it looks like to take care of your responsibilities.

Everyone has things they just don’t want to do. What do you avoid? Maybe you don’t like going to meetings, so you always blow those off. Perhaps you don’t like replying to e-mails, so you let those pile up. It could be doing the laundry or doing the books, but there is likely some obligation that you avoid because it’s less than fun for you. But what message does this send to those watching you? Unfortunately, it tells them that it’s okay to blow off things we don’t like to do! Quit sending this message. Get Todo and prioritize your obligations. That way everything gets done in a timely manner and you can quit making excuses for yourself.


Ready to become a better role model for those you’re charged with setting a good example for? Download the Todo app and get started setting things right today. 


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Get Todo from the App Store

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