5 Ways To Make The Holidays Enjoyable

Holidays are quickly approaching and here are a few fun facts: children get more stressed than their parents if their parents are over the age of 35 and although women are 23% more likely to be stressed during the holidays, men are 19% more likely to be stressed after the holidays.

Stress – it is the downer  unless you manage it to the point of it dissolving into nothing and the only way to do this is with proper planning. Here are 5 simple ideas you can adopt to turn this year’s festivities into more fun, less stress.

Christmas to-do list

1 Socialize with True Friends

According to a Columbia University study, socializing helps reduce holiday stress provided you are among true friends and family members you can more than tolerate being around. The same study also says that one’s sitting position can add stress so instead of crossing your legs, researchers advise sitting with your arms and legs a wee bit apart.

 2 Use Todo Cloud for Organized Holiday Planning

The Todo Cloud is a handy app to have when there is much to do and not enough time to do everything perfectly. It’s currently the best answer for those who want to beat holiday shopping and stress. Todo reminds you of what needs to be done so you don’t have to stress about remembering every detail – including perhaps names of long lost relatives.  And it will come in handy when work and realities of life kick in after the holidays because you can quickly get back into the groove and be efficient and action-driven for the new year.

It is a personal assistant app that gives you a sense of equilibrium and serene comfort amidst the busy whirlwind of activities, appointments, and deadlines that tend to pile up this time of the year.  Experts are constantly issuing advice to avoid stress since it can ruin your holidays and affect your health. Once upon a time, the saying was, “you can’t control stressors but you react differently.” Today, you can control stressors. You can get Todo Cloud and let the stress flow out of your body by relying on the app to be your memory and your alarm (which you can set way ahead of a deadline).

A task manager app like Todo Cloud will help you:

  • Share tasks. You know how getting things done is easier when we work together? Well, Todo Cloud is the best tool today for creating different to-do lists – and managing them adeptly. You can have a couple’s list with you and your spouse listing down all the things that have to be done before Christmas Day. You can create another list to handle work-related shopping or last minute details for corporate partying and yet another team for extended families. Each team can be given all the details, alerts on upcoming deadlines, reminders for daily tasks, pop up lists, and be allowed to print lists and tasks using the app. Since the app works on Android and Apple phones and devices, there will be no compatibility issues.
  • Create location alerts for when you are in the area and need something from that area done (no need to backtrack anymore!).
  • Create multiple alerts for amazing multitasking. Todo Cloud has a web interface so you can access, read, and edit your tasks, lists, and reminders from different mobile devices.

3 Mini Tasks Done Daily

If you use Todo Cloud, you can categorize your gift list by age, relationships, and gender so you can bulk shop and spend less time on those gifts. You will also be able to divide your shopping list into small chores. This will make it possible for you to be done with your shopping way before Christmas Day leaving you with enough time to relax and party.

And if you wrap the gifts on the day you buy them or immediately after, you can quickly cross out and see that holiday list get shorter every day! By Christmas Eve, there will be nothing left to do but enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

4 Enjoy the Food

One of the most pleasant ways to beat stress is by eating and the holidays are great times to let go a little of your diet and munch on small snacks throughout the day. If this idea does not appeal to you, then grab some sugar-free gum. Chewing gum not only relaxes a person, it can also stimulate brain activity. Psychologist Leta Hollingsworth was able to scientifically link gum chewing with cognitive performance in 1939. Her study was confirmed by other research concluding that a busy jaw increases alertness, focus, and productivity.

5 Patience and Humor

It is almost impossible to avoid certain people and situations during the holidays but instead of dreading the encounter, prepare by taking brief breaks instead of listening and getting stressed. You can also psyche yourself ahead by imaging the worst that could happen and figure out what to say and how to be respectfully smart with your comeback.

So go ahead and get Todo Cloud and enjoy the holidays so much, you won’t want it to end!


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