5 Things to Make This Week More Productive Than Last Week

Did you end last week on a sour note, realizing that you left a lot more undone than done? This week doesn’t have to be that way. You can start it out right and with a few minor changes, you can walk into next weekend with a smug sense of satisfaction for all the great things you accomplished. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Tackle the Hardest Projects Early

Climb your mountain first. Then the mole hill will seem like child’s play.

Procrastination is a stealth adversary. He sneaks up on you instead of ambushing you. How do you force him out of the shadows and conquer this enemy? Start early. Select the most challenging project you need to finish today and tackle that the moment you get to work. Once you’ve slain your largest, most ferocious dragon, the rest of the to-do list seems trivial. You’ll take those on easily with nothing but the steam of your victorious momentum pushing you. Todo allows you to prioritize those tasks that you tend to put off, helping you battle procrastination for a triumphant outcome.

2. Limit the Distractions You Allow

Email. Social media. Text messages. A phone call or two. Quick chat with a coworker. None of these take more than a couple of minutes at a time, but added together over the course of a day, these distractions easily eat hours of your productive time. Establish a schedule for interruptions and limit checking email, browsing Facebook, peeking at your phone, and chatting it up about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones to those times of the day. All of a sudden, your to-do list empties itself. It’s kind of like magic, only without the hocus pocus. Todo separates work tasks from home or personal tasks, helping you focus on what you need to do when and where you need to do it. Todo even has a geolocation feature that will remind you of a specific task when you’re in the right place to get it done, such as alerting you that you need milk when you’re close to the supermarket.

3. Just Say ‘No’ to Multitasking

Multitasking folks love to brag to their single-focused comrades how much they can get done at a time. In actuality, studies show that the multitaskers rarely accomplish much at all. What they do rack up is a great, big pile of half-done stuff and nary a hint of a finished project. Instead, take on one task with a fury. Don’t start another until that one is finished, or at least resting at a natural stopping point, such as when you’re waiting for an answer from someone else or for supplies to come in. Instead of lots of half-done things cluttering your office, you’ll start to see completed projects waltzing out into the light of day. You have the right to remain accomplished. Todo keeps you focused by utilizing the tried-and-proven Franklin Covey method of time management. Todo lets you filter your tasks and stay focused until an item is completed.

4. Don’t Skip Those Breaks

Most of this list sounds like whip cracking is the pathway to productivity, but that’s not all there is to it. Hard work calls for serious rest, and breaks are indeed serious business. Allow your brain to rest, reset, and refocus itself by taking regular breaks throughout the day. Taking breaks between projects gives your mind time to put the finished task to rest and gear up to take the next one on. Breaks can also stimulate your mind if you’re stuck on a creative issue, and to clear your mind when you become so hyper-focused that you can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. Todo lets you share your tasks and schedule with your coworkers and family, so your family knows when you’ll be on breaks and it’s okay to call, and your coworkers know when to leave you alone to enjoy your free time.

5. Arm Yourself With the Right Tools

With the right tools, your time management won’t seem like such a chore.

What are you keeping your to-do list on? A sliver of coffee-stained junk mail and a broken crayon from your kids’ art set isn’t exactly easy to keep up with during the workday. Besides, this ensemble looks absolutely horrible with your Gucci briefcase and power suit. Switch to the sleek Todo list app that features alerts to keep you on schedule to meet deadlines and a proven methodology for managing your time and energy. Choose an app that syncs across devices so you can easily manage your time and projects whether you’re on the go with your smartphone, at home with your tablet, or in the office on your laptop.

Now, you’re ready to show that to-do list who’s boss this week!


get Todo from the App Store
Get Todo from the App Store

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