Appigo Todo and RTM

What happened to RTM in Todo and Todo for iPad?

Late Tuesday night, May 11, 2010, we (Appigo) were contacted by the folks at Remember The Milk via email in which they informed us they had disabled sync access for both Todo for iPad and Todo for iPhone. This service has been available in two of our apps previously (Todo and Todo Lite for iPhone). Todo for iPad was a natural extension and no sync code was changed to support Todo for iPad. We don't agree with their assessment, but including this service in Todo for iPad violated their developer agreement, which was only valid for Todo for iPhone.


Unfortunately for users of Todo, rather than contact us about the problem upfront, RTM chose to immediately disable the sync service available in Todo, Todo Lite, and Todo for iPad, causing immediate interruption to the service. We strongly feel that pulling the plug on users without warning is never the way to deal with a potential business relationship issue.


After learning about the service being disabled, we tried to keep our customers informed of the issue and also attempted to resolve the problem courteously with RTM by meeting their requests as quickly as possible. Regretfully, they do not wish to continue supporting customers who use Todo.


While RTM users represent less than one percent of all Todo users, we value all of our customers and want to do the right thing. Fortunately, both Todo and Todo for iPad support multiple synchronization services. In addition to direct synchronization with iCal for the Mac and Outlook on the PC, Todo supports synchronization with Each of these services fully support synchronization of Todo's tasks, including projects and checklists.

Get a Toodledo Pro Account Free

We're happy to announce a special offer we've negotiated with Beginning today (May 13, 2010), and for a limited time, any user of Todo or Todo for iPad that has an active Remember the Milk Pro account is eligible to receive a free 6 month Toodledo Pro account.


If you are a current Todo or Todo for iPad customer that has been using Remember the Milk and would like to receive a free Toodledo Pro account, please follow these steps:


1. Register your copy of Todo or Todo for iPad by going into Todo's settings, selecting "Alerts" and filling out your name and email address. You will receive a verification email. Please click the verification link in the email to complete your registration. This will verify to us that you have purchased Todo or Todo for iPad.


2. Send an email to with a copy of your RTM Pro payment receipt that shows you have an active account.


3. After we verify your information, we will send you a link which will give you a free Toodledo Pro account for the next six months.


We take privacy very seriously. Any information provided to us via this offer will never be sold or given to any other third party. For our full privacy policy, please visit:

Thank You for Your Understanding

We are extremely disappointed with the situation and strongly wish that the folks at RTM would have been more forthcoming and considerate. We would prefer not to have interrupted the valuable time of our customers.


Please be aware that we have released updated versions of Todo, Todo Lite, and Todo for iPad. These new versions will omit RTM as a sync option. Stay tuned for additional sync options that we will be introducing in the future.


Thank you,


Calvin Gaisford

Boyd Timothy

Co-founders, Appigo, Inc.

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