• Appigo is pronounced ‘a-pi-gō and not ‘app-ī-gō, a-‘pē-gō, or ‘a-pē-zhō
  • Todo is spelled “Todo” (uppercase ‘T’, lowercase “odo”) and not “ToDo” or “To-Do”
  • Corkulous is pronounced ˈkōr-kyü-ləs

Key points about Appigo

Appigo, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Boyd Timothy and Calvin Gaisford. The company released their first apps on Jully 11, 2008 when the App Store opened (Todo and AccuFuel). Learn more about the Appigo Team here.


Product information and images are copyrighted by Appigo, Inc. They are provided for your use in media coverage of our products. No other use is allowed unless otherwise approved in writing by Appigo, Inc. Please feel free to contact us for special projects/etc. where you need a piece of artwork or information not already provided here.

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Press Releases

We keep an online archive of press releases available here.


Phone numbers listed here do not provide support for Appigo products. Please visit support.appigo.com to read frequently asked questions and contact the Appigo Support Team if needed.

Email: marketing@appigo.com

Business Development
Email: business@appigo.com